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Both women and men have good body proportions, are fascinating, with good manners, elegant.

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They stand and sit gracefully - know how to sit down nicely: women's knees neatly folded, hands neatly positioned. Generally, it is the graceful zodiac sign. Their hairstyle is light, fluffy or sleek, but not heavyweight. They are elegant, tactful, able to listen to an interlocuter: they make you feel important. Their look is open, easy, cute but cool.

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They know how to behave on stage, how to attract and charm the public. Typical representatives of this ascendant are such beauty icons as Alain Delon, Britney Spears, the charming J. Well, Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky too. Perhaps none of them you will call not aggressive. There are a lot of representatives of this ascendant in our latitudes, so don't think that everyone will have some mystical appearance. If they notice you watching. In this way, this ascendant is clearly different from the surrounding ones Libra's and especially Sagittarius.

There may have jaundice, large feet, pronounced lower jaw or protruding eyebrows, or another disproportion. On the other hand, their appearance can be curious. They won't be scared or try to please everyone - they find shallow people irritating. In the company they will initially adopt the position of an observer, a researcher; even if they are talking, they are still exploring the situation. Such an ascendant gives depth, passion, and perhaps drama. Such a person is not interested in well-known paths and easy-to-read books, as well as easy victories, superficial relationships.

The so-called fatal women and men often have this ascendant. They are energetic straight, warm, people glowing with an open gaze. Joy, optimism, a broad outlook, social interests are their key personality traits. They are full of energy, positivity, certainty and some independence, authority; interested in travel, higher education or social activities. May have a tendency to the large body size, radiate authority. Because of not proportional upper and lower body parts, they may need different sizes of suit parts. They are something like centaur: strong powerful legs, wide hips, belly, and a much smaller top.

Or, for example, men's chest is hairy, and legs are not. They may look like made up of two parts: sometimes they notice this when it comes to choosing the size of the clothes. The face is usually oblong, oval or rectangular, large head, a high forehead, large ears, a cleft chin Men tend to get bald early. Prominent cheekbones, elongated face, the deep-seated eyes, the small lips are the typical facial features of Capricorn.

In general, they have a pronounced bone system. They never are reddish, on the opposite, the skin of the face may be even grayish. In appearance and behavior, you feel a certain degree of rigor. Movements can also be a bit sharp. Men somehow resemble moose, women somehow resemble goats.

They are serious, responsible people, like order, understand hierarchy. First of all, they radiate lightness and freedom. Their interesting feature, both the Sun and the Ascendant Aquarius, is that their joints can bend abnormally even to the opposite direction. Apparently, this expresses their tolerance, freedom, non-attachment. People of this ascendant are fewer than other ones. As a rule, they are thin, prolongated. Even if they are plump, still looks light. They walk with a jump.

A s c e n d a n t • i n • C a n c e r

This might lead you to having a secret affair or dalliance, simply so that you can receive the interest that is missing, ignoring the risks involved. You may channel this energy towards many areas at the same time — social, emotional and psychological — when you want to achieve your goals. Financial security is for you the key to a happy family life and you know that this can be achieved through your work. You work consistently and can quickly win yourself a good position, while your excellent negotiating skills will help you make good investments. With such behaviour, however, and without realising it, you are distancing yourself emotionally from the person who is interested in you, raising persistent questions about your true feelings.

Cancer ascendant personality traits As a Cancer Ascendant, your ruler planet is the Moon and it is also the ruling planet of the first House in your astrology chart. Cancer Ascendant Man Cancer Ascendant men look for someone they can call home — a partner with whom they can be themselves. Cancer Ascendant Woman Cancer Ascendant women tend to be possessive and insecure in their romantic relationships.

Here's How Cancer Season Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

You are independent and capable of achieving much in your life, but your great sensitivity makes you fairly excitable. The simultaneous influence of the Moon and Mars usually brings changes in the area of your career. This combination makes you more social and offers the potential for you to become very popular. Take care of your dietary misdemeanours, which may give you extra kilos.

This combination makes you volatile and complex. You can express your feelings and are very creative. You are unpredictable, and have a rich imagination and intuition, which often lead you to strange situations. In your love life, you enjoy tasting forbidden fruit, something that will create problems in your marriage and you will need to work hard to restore trust.

You are very sensitive.

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However old you are, you will always feel like a child who needs love and care. You look for a loyal partner who will make you feel secure, and this will lead to a happy marriage. In the professional sphere, your negotiating skills will bring you a significant income but the greatest progress will come after middle age.

Even so, your persistence will help you to start once more from the beginning and enable you to reach the peaks. Pay serious attention to any lurking enemies and protect yourself. You are hypersensitive but try to bury your feelings deep inside of you. You have a rich imagination and can easily adapt to every environment and situation.

You have great professional capacity, know how to prepare for your work thoroughly and perform your duties with great perseverance. These qualities will lead you to success, despite the fact that you will have difficult moments. You have a strong personality and your interests are focused on your house and home. You might spend a lot of time and money to create a warm environment in which you will be able to live with love. The sign of justice ruled by sweet Venus, Libra risings are pleasant to be around, fair, and naturally attractive to others. Compliment their sense of style or attention to aesthetic detail, their sex appeal, and their light and flirty air of mystery.

Libra is also diplomatic, so compliment how considerate they are and ask them for their opinions on things that matter to you.

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They may also have eclectic taste in art or music, so plan a date where you share your current playlists or give each other personalized walk-throughs of your favorite art exhibits. Scorpio risings naturally have a presence that commands respect.

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These water signs come off as cool, determined, and powerful, and most people find them intimidating, intriguing, or both. Compliment how perceptive and straightforward they are, and their bold stance on taboo topics.

Everything You Need to Know About Your Rising Sign and How It Affects Your Relationships

Allow yourself to be vulnerable with them because they can find it hard to open up and need encouragement from others. Show you care by sharing a secret with them and holding their gaze from across the room. Above all, you must be willing to be an open book Sagittarius rising folks want to see, feel, learn, and experience everything, and have an unmistakable faith and enthusiasm for the world. Compliment their ability to share strange facts, and tell them that you are inspired by their positive attitude.

These placements are often self-made go-getters, so compliment their discipline and determination, too. They simply ooze confidence.

They also have a strong sense of tradition and family. Compliment their work because Cap risings are very hard-working but sometimes make it look too easy. Though they can come off as serious, Cap is the type who works hard to play hard—so take them to a party! Aquarius rising folks are perhaps the most unique placement! Curious and learned, these folks are hard to shock. They can be irreverent or provocative, and are sometimes a seemingly conflicting blend of standoffish and humanitarian.