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This makes one a very affluent and generous person. This yoga gives huge wealth to the native. The native is an industrialist and son of another big industrialist, Dhirubhai Ambani. He was born in day time, his Moon is exalted and is in Navamsha of Jupiter. This yoga has conferred huge wealth to the native.

The native born with this yoga hails from a respectable family, very wealthy and powerful equal to a king. However this yoga is very restrictive as Jupiter will be in his Mooltrikone only for less than six months in a period of about 12 years. The native should become rich through direct or indirect efforts of his wife. The native is a famous cricket commentator and ex-cricket player.

So all conditions of the yoga are fulfilled. Tags Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas. Writen by Dr. Labels: Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas. Newer Post Older Post Home. Adawal Astro Channel Dr.

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How is your Love Life? Is Planet Venus weak in your Horoscope? Boost it Venus is the known planet of love, romance, beauty, sex and it would be apt to say that it governs all matters relating to sex which Planets which is vested with the moderate strength, and result in the formation of Akhanda Samrajya yoga confer amazing favors to the person. The individual is sure to procure immense wealth owing to the presence of this yoga in the birth chart.

Raja yoga (Hindu astrology)

They are going to prosper in life as they have this yoga in the horoscope. They have the scope to be politically powerful and hold a very high position or rank. Sita, the wife of Lord Rama was born under the impact of strong yoga in the horoscope of the individual. The yoga which was formed owing to the positioning of afflicted and weak planets does not provide any favorable results. If the Aquarius individuals are born with the positioning of Moon and Rahu in the fourth house, placement of Saturn in the sixth house, the combination of Ketu, Jupiter and Venus in the tenth house whereas Mars, Mercury, and Sun are placed in the twelfth house, the person is going to have favorable Akhana Samrahya yoga, Amla yoga, and Gaja Kesari yoga.

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However, the person will not be capable of procuring the positive results of the yoga. The natal moon that participates in the formation of the yoga is not very strong and is afflicted heavily due to the mutual exchange of the signs between the lord of 6th house and lord of the ascendant, neither the lord of ascendant nor the good planet that aspect the ascendant as occupied by the Moon. Evil Dainya yoga is formed owing to the exchange of signs by the Saturn and all the good yogas are destroyed by the Moon.

Post a Comment. Popular posts from this blog Sada Sanchara Yoga July 25, It is one of the unique kind of yogas may be yoga or a form of dosha that can be found in a birth chart.

Sada Sanchara literally means always wandering! The individual with this yoga tend to wandering or simply moving all the time from one place to another. The instability does not just include the physical movement, but also the wavering mind.

What forms this yoga? Sada Sanchara yoga is formed under two circumstances. This yoga is formed by the specific placement of planets in movable signs.

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The movable signs are, Aries Cancer Libra Capricorn When all planets are placed in these movable signs all 9 planets it forms Sada Sanchara yoga. According to Vedic astrology and ancient texts on astrology, Sada Sanchara yoga that formed as mentioned above will make a person Saint.

However, there is a different opinion about this yoga. When the ascendant is a moveable sign or when the ruler of the ascendant is placed in a moveable sign. For in…. Read more. July 06, Leos are very expressive. It is easy to understand their intention and mind because they have tendency towards self exposure. Leos are like a LION in the jungle. Leos are the only signs which are very open minded.

Fame and publicity is Leo's prime desire. Fame,publicity and importance are like energy of Leo's. They can't live without these things. Generally Leo's are bossy,egoistic,demanding,very frank,open minded,Tendency towards self exposure,fond of competitions,lover of racing games. Highly stubborn and insensitive Leo 2. Very Sweet Leo 3. Simply the best 1.

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Highly stubborn and insensitive Leo: It may difficult to resist this type of Leo. The other two types of Leo are not that egoistic compare to this Leo.

Akhanda Samrajya yoga

This is highly egoistic Leo. This Leo can be very rude and harsh. It may be hard to resist their stubbornness Positive traits of above Leos is that 1. Their will power is very strong. They are very dedicated. Their concentration is v….