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Similar to a hooked nose, it is curved from the nasal bone to the top. People with this nose are considered very decisive. Their personality is closely linked to their work and they are good organizers. If they don't encounter especially bad luck, it is almost certain that they will acquire great wealth. Very short and looks soft.

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This is the most popular shape because it is not so noticeable. Owners of such a nose are often spontaneous in their decisions which often irritate other people. They are strong-willed and like going to work because they like to work. This shape of the nose is most common in Asia. It's a little flatter than most other shapes.

For instance, people with a small nose can have a really fierce temper!

Its nostrils are wide. People with flat nose have a strong character. They are very temperamental and passionate. If you play with their patience, they get angry. There's a little bow on the nasal bone. This is not particularly striking because the whole shape looks a bit fragile. People whose nose is shaped like this are often generous and always willing to help others who have problems.

Due to their reasonable side, these people easily get hurt. Even though the name is not very flattering, this shape of nose denotes love character. The bridge of the nose is prominent, while the top is very rounded. People with this kind of nose can listen, which makes them excellent friends or partners. And people who have such a nose, which goes a little to the left or right, often cheat on their partners.

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Advice provided by the daily horoscopes or articles should not ever take the place of psychological, or medical advice. Website Horoscope Daily Free takes no liability, or responsibility for any actions any visitor chooses based on advice in the content. Nubian nose The main characteristic of Nubian nose is the length. Greek nose Its name comes from the Greek antique sculptures. Hooked nose Many compare this shape to a bird's beak.

Bulged nose Similar to a hooked nose, it is curved from the nasal bone to the top. Snub nose Very short and looks soft.

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Straight nose This shape of the nose is most common in Asia. Concave nose There's a little bow on the nasal bone. Crooked nose Even though the name is not very flattering, this shape of nose denotes love character. Hellish astro-combinations for all Zodiac signs. But, they make extremely loyal, and caring partners. The Greek nose is a perfectly straight nose, which has pretty narrow nostrils.

People born with the Greek nose are highly skilled, and driven by logic. They are naturally intelligent, and hence dependable. You can totally count on them to have your back, always. This is the nose which has a bridge that effortlessly pulls your attention towards itself.

Probably the reason behind the name of this nose-type, people who have this nose are notably very headstrong, and ambitious in nature.

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They are able to influence others with their words, and know how to make an impact. Their organisational skills are definitely worth a mention! Kinda like the long nose, the Nubian nose is distinguished by its wide base, which practically stands out. These people are known to be emotionally expressive, and curious in general.

Attractive and charismatic, they have an open mind, they are great at handling conversations. Characterised by a dent in the middle of the bridge of the nose, with an upturned tip, people who have the celestial nose are insanely optimistic in life. Their warm personality makes them fiercely loyal friends, and they would readily take a bullet for their close ones.

What Your Nose Shape Says About Your Personality

Note: They are extremely adventurous in bed! Think about how the beak of a hawk looks? Its nasal counterpart is quite similar. Slightly bent in the centre, with sharp edges, it's that nose type which can be easily identified.

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  4. They believe in living life on their own terms, and naturally stand out amongst their peers. They key element of our face that plays a very important role in determining our overall look, which is evident from our obsession with it—Nose. Equipped with a good sense of business, driving ambition, razor-sharp instincts—you can easily carve our your own road to success.

    Chef Kelvin Cheung Answers the Riddle. Type keyword s to search. By Akshita Jolly. Small Nose Don't mess too much with that friend of yours who has a typically small nose, just because she is cheerful and affable. Long Nose You're the one who is born to be a leader. Big Nose The bridge of this nose can either be short, or long.

    Button Nose A nose that resembles a button, it is the cutest nose of the lot.